Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesdays= Date Nights

All parents of small children know that it is very hard to have adult conversations amongst a husband and wife while the children are awake and running around.  I know having our third child who is still very dependent on me has taken a toll on my personal sanity at times.  I have no quiet time with my husband, let alone myself.  A couple weeks ago I was feeling pretty down because Rudy and I were just so busy, go go go!  And we were losing that **SPARK**!  It's sad when you look around and things are just blah!  We have so much to be thankful for...don't get me wrong!  Our three beautiful girls, our home, our marriage and our God!  But I just missed Rudy.  I think this is something that A LOT of couples go through and I think it is super important to make time for each other.  Rudy and I are very open about our history together.  It's been a few bumpy roads that God gets all the glory for bringing us off of!  We even attended marriage counseling about two years ago.  It was the best thing we could have ever done!  In our times meeting with the pastor conducting our sessions, he encouraged us to have date nights regularly in the home and outside of the home!

Blah blah we are!
Finally making the time to have regular date nights at home!

So some of my friends were telling me to write down what we do and share our dates so that it can give them ideas of what to I said, "I'll BLOG about it!"  

Three weeks ago, we ordered Qdoba take out, put the kids to bed and played Yahtzee!  I am a big believer in the kids have a regular bedtime and Mom and Dad having personal time.  Do what you want ::wink wink::  But quiet time together is IMPORTANT!  So that was date one...qdoba and yahtzee!
Last week we ordered in Chinese food and just talked for about two hours!  It was great to sit on the couch and just 'hang out'!
This week we are going to try something we have wanted to do for years!  Make sushi!  So, I will blog later about how it goes!

I'm super excited and I look forward to every Wednesday with my husband!!

Quick Catch Up!

Oh I keep doing this!!!  I keep posting saying, "I'll keep up, I promise!!"  (hand in air like a girl scout--I was a girl scout once...shout out to Group 579)  Well sure enough I have not kept up writing about the busy days at the Sarate home!  But here we are over a year since I blogged last and SO much has changed!  Here is the quick update!

We had another baby girl- Grace Rose Sarate was born January 20, 2011 at 9:44pm, 7lbs 4 oz, and 20 1/2 inches long!   It was a hard labor but God was good, He gave me the energy to push and Grace was out in three tries!  The doctor told me her name fits her well since her heart rate had dropped and they were threatening C-section.  He told me to count my blessings and go to church EVERY Sunday!  :-) 

 You might have done the math already, Grace is just about 12 weeks old and in those 12 weeks she was sick twice, one time landed her in the hospital for nine days needing a little oxygen!  Oh my Gracie!  The girls are absolutely in love!

Speaking of our other girls!  Kaylee is four-turning five next Monday!!!  I can not even believe five years has passed!  She is my drama queen, loves the color pink, snuggling with her puppy (oh yea we got a dog too), her best friend Chloe is now her sister, and she wants a real car for her birthday! 

Oh Isabella!  She is two and a half now! And the saying terrible twos reigns true for this one!  She is so silly, she has a few nicknames, Dennis the Menace, Master of Disaster and lastly Albert Einstein! Yup, you might be asking, "why do you call your daughter Albert Einstein?"  The answer...her crazy hair!!!  Isabella loves her puppy, dinosaurs and chewing gum!  Or should I say chewing gum and then losing it down her shirt, only to find it later as we are going into the tub!

So, also since I blogged last, I graduated from the University of Phoenix with my bachelor's in psychology.  Rudy became a Sergent with the ARMY National Guard and now is studying to become a helicopter pilot and finishing his bachelors! 

And Cookie is our new puppy...we bought her off craigslist two days after Christmas!  We couldn't pass her up for the price and that cute face we knew she was ours!