Saturday, December 6, 2008

I have a two year old daughter. Love her to pieces.
Does anyone ever experience what I am about to discuss?

Every morning since we have moved into our new house we wake up, go downstairs, put on noggin and have breakfast. Kaylee my two year old goes in and out of her playroom, her playroom is an overly glorified closet which we have converted into the playroom, anyway, she goes in and out watches her show and eventually forgets that it is on. This morning, the house was clean, her playroom clean and ready for some fresh mess, Isabella fed and clean ready to sit in her chair and look at things, and I was ready to sit and catch up on my soap (days of our lives) and do homework. Of course though today Kaylee decided that she wanted to sit with me and Isabella decided she wanted to be fussy. It always seems to happen that way. The minute I am ready to relax the kids are not ready to let me. always!

Here I am writing my blog and Kaylee is sitting next to me watching days. I think she really likes the show. It's funny. She is two and half and likes my soap.
But here it is three hours after I started my homework and started to watch my two episodes of days of our lives and I just started the second episode.

The life of a stay at home mother. Husbands truly do not understand.

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