Monday, May 24, 2010

Caught Up

My my my it has been so long!  You need an update!  Kaylee is a beautiful 4 year old!  The last time I wrote she was only two!  Her hair which was always so light is finally beginning to resemble mommy and daddy's deep shade of brown!  She still has the most gorgeous big brown eyes, that have a way of looking completely sassy and sweet all at the same time!  She LOVES her movies, whether it be Chronicles of Narnia or Beauty and the Beast, she is happy with the movies.  She takes after her daddy in the way of wanting to watch movies all the time.  She has the patience for them too.  She is a singer, her teachers love having her in class to keep the volume up when it comes to school programs.  She is so intelligent.  There is no pulling the wool over her eyes...she will LET YOU KNOW!  She loves Jesus.  It makes me happy to hear her telling the doctor how Jesus healed her latest cold, or the postmaster how Jesus and God made the beautiful mini Sunflower bouquet she was carrying.  And most of all she is the best big sister ever!
Isabella is now about 21 months old!  Last I wrote she was only 2 months.  Obviously I have not blogged through all the infant to toddler changes but she sure has grown up.  She started walking two weeks before her first birthday and would you believe it that she started wearing heels maybe two weeks later. Dress up heels of course. Her vocabulary is amazing and clear, except for when she is sucking on her binky.  Which is not only our lifesaver for Isabella but her favorite, she even tries to eat with it in.  I know, ewwww.  Isabella has gorgeous brown eyes, they resemble her dad's.  Her skin is fare and her hair is light.  She reminds me often of my brother as a baby and when she was born I thought she looked like Great Grandpa Angelo.  Isabella loves dogs of all kinds.  She especially loves the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua.  She calls them, 'WAWAs'.  We can't go anywhere there is a dog without Isabella screaming for him.  She is already repeating her alphabet and can count a few numbers.  She loves to tickle people and jump on the bed.  She is our Master of Disaster (props to daddy for the name).  And most of all she loves to hug and kiss, especially her big sissy.
  As for me and Rudy our lives have been busy.  I started Mary Kay as a beauty consultant around Christmas time.  I love it!  Contact me for your free facial. (I had to) I am about to graduate this summer with my Bachelors in Psychology!  Finally I will be done and free from college but not student loans. :-)  Rudy is busy being the best recruiter for the ARMY National Guard I know.  He is also working on his degree and has goals to one day become an Officer!  Yes he is an Officer and a Gentleman! He is my Officer and Gentleman! 

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Leingang Family said...

Welcome to blogging! It is so much fun! And then you can have it printed up into a book... Better than scrapbooking!